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"As the nation's leading retailer of [url=]hot tubs, spas, spa supplies, hot tub filters and spa parts[/url], The Spa Depot website requires constant maintenance and a lot of advanced development work. We were so impressed with Adam's qualifications and achievements that we hired him full time to work at our company.
Adam has been instrumental in giving a facelift to our SpaCyclopedia care and repair guide for hot tubs. He has also implemented an advanced search engine for hot tub related information and spa supplies searches called Spaggle. Additionally, our hot tub filter database has been totally revamped making it easier than ever for our customers to find the filter cartridges they need. His other major achievements include our online Spa Simulator, the first flash-animated hot tub schematic diagram of its kind in the world.  Adam is currently working on our spa parts and spa covers online ordering systems. Overall, he has made a great contribution not only to our company, but to our customer's online shopping experience whether they are seeking portable home spas, chemicals for hot tubs, parts, spa covers or accessories."

David Williams
The Spa Depot
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