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Gimmick or Solution? Learn what it can mean to you and your business......

You have probably heard of managed hosting, it's just a way for companies to get more money from you each month....Right? Not necessarily!

Made In Tacoma, has worked with several hosting companies in the past, and finally found a solution to help SAVE you money. That's right, Managed Hosting with South Pacific Software & Consulting. Your website works for you, not because of you, it is an advertising tool, it lists the services or products that you offer, and a location or means of contacting you about those services or products. What happens if you aquire more products? What happens if your e-mail links suddenly stop working? What if you start offering more services, or a better service, or have a change in pricing, inventory, or personnel? You want your website to reflect this. So what do you do?

Most often you would contact your designer, and let them know the changes you will need, and they will give you a quote based on an hourly cost of services. That's the way it works. So not only are you paying for your hosting, but you are also paying a designer a certain amount every month to make certain cahnges to your site, and updating your latest news, or clients, or services.

Managed Hosting comes into play here. Rather than paying $15-20 per month for your hosting, PLUS $35-60 per hour for updates, why not just pay a little more per month and get up to 12 hours per year of free updates included with your hosting package? That's right! With Managed Hosting through Made In Tacoma, and South Pacific Software & Consulting, you will save money. If you update your site at least once per month, even if it's just a little change, most web designers will charge you minimum 1 hour. At $35 per hour that can really add up! With our managed hosting at just $30 per month, your time will be logged in 15 minute intervals. If you need to change your e-mail address, or add a toll-free number, or add a few products to your shopping cart, it's all included. 12 hours per year, add it up, your hosting at $15 per month is $180, your updates at $35 per hour for 12 hours is $420, the total is $600 per year! managed hosting is $30 per month or $360 per year, that is an estimated savings of $240 per year.

Managed Hosting time can also be used to add new pages, new images or redesign the website. Fill out our Inquiry form today, or give us a call and ask us about this awesome service!
Ask us about hosting, and talk to us about optimizing your images and your site for fast downloads, and a fast response from your clients. Fill out our Inquiry form today.
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