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Installation :

1 : Unpack and upload the files into the folder : /plugins/inactivedelete/

2 : Go into the administration panel, then tab "Plugins", click the name of the new plugin, and at bottom of the plugin properties, select "Install all".

3 : Then in the same page, check if this plugin requires new tags in the skin files (.TPL).
If yes, then open the skin file(s) with a text editor, and add the tag(s). (It doesn't)

Features :

- Allows administrators to mass delete users who haven't logged into the site for a specified amount of time.
- Deletes Group affiliation, and PFS as well.
- Drop-down menu with member groups and number of days in the past which you want to delete.
- This is a mass delete, and will permanently remove users who haven't logged in for a time. Permanent! So, back up your databases FIRST before you use it.

Instructions on use:

-This plugin will show up in the Tools Menu of the Admin Panel.
-Select the Member Group which you would like to delete users from.
-Select the specified time that you would like to delete un-active members (5-days, 10-days, 20-days, 30-days)
-Press the Delete Now button.
-will show you a list of the users which have been deleted.

Download : Inactive Delete Plugin
Size: 2kbKB, downloaded 1223 times
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